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The Beerline Trail is a public park, owned by the City of Milwaukee, and maintained and led by Riverworks Development Corporation. Through their work with communities on and off the Beerline Trail, they are devoted to reimaging the role public spaces have in creating connected, healthy neighborhoods and cities.

Built on a historic former rail line, the Beerline Trail was a vision brought to life by Riverworks Development Corp, Beintween, and leaders throughout the City of Milwaukee and residents. The historic rail line, transported Wisconsin's own beer, throughout the state. Beer companies such as Schlitz, Blatz and Pabst and all utilized this rail line. 

On the Beerline Trail you can walk through gardens, view art, experience performance, savor delicious food, connect with friends and neighbors-all while enjoying the unique perspective of the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods. 

A majority of our annual budget comes from grant opportunities which support trail maintenance, operations, programming, art and green infrastructure. The Trail is working towards more funds coming from direct donations from people like you.

The Beerline Trail is owned by the City of Milwaukee and Riverworks operates under a license agreement with the Department of Public Works.


Large Scale Trail Connectivity

The Route of the Badger has the potential to transform Southeast Wisconsin’s trails into a 700-miles-plus premier trail network, sparking new waves of outdoor tourism, spurring economic development, promoting healthier lifestyles and bridging gaps in communities for a more socially equitable and vibrant region. When complete, the 700-miles-plus network is expected to stretch from Milwaukee to Dousman and south from Sheboygan to Kenosha. Once the Badger's south and west routes are completed, they will further link to trails that connect to Chicago, Madison and eventually Minneapolis.
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