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The best way to experience the Beerline Trail is to simply wander through as you explore, you may want to linger at some of the trail's most distinctive and magical spots listed below.

W. Captiol Drive & N.3rd Street


The Capitol Bridge is the currently the northern most section of the Beerline Trail and the B-Line Park. Its acts as a connector for pedestrians to Capitol Drive. The future plans for this destination is to be the connector to the future development of Beerline trail extensions. 

North Entry C.jpg

N. Richards Street to W. Capitol Drive


The B-Line Park is the northern most section of the Beerline Trail that is in a transformational stage to become a premiere linear park and destination in the historic Harambee neighborhood. 

2022 0210_The Connector (1).png

274 E. Keefe Avenue


The Connector Building is a development project, the vision for this building is to serve as a key community gathering space, bringing together residents and community stakeholders from Harambee, Riverwest and beyond to provide opportunity for social interaction, learning, training, recreation and support local entrepreneurs. This space will also house Kumba Juice & Coffee run by local entrepreneurs.



N. Holton & Townsend Street 

N. 2nd Street & Vienna Avenue 

N. 1st Street & E. Keefe Avenue

In January 2021, the City of Milwaukee's Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation(NIDC), with support from Bader Philanthropies introduced an initiative to create Healing Spaces in the Harambee neighborhood. These efforts were focused on reducing the isolation many felt through Covid-19, to build relaxing natural environments, and eliminate blight on city-owned properties. Riverworks oversees three healing spaces in Harambee: our first on 2nd Street & Vienna Avenue, our second at the Harambee Tot Lot on Keefe Avenue & 1st Street, and our third on the Beerline Trail near Holton Street and Townsend Street. 


3350 N. Holton Street


The Beerline Plaza is currently the hub for community events and programming that connect the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods. Through collaboration with Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and the Fund For Lake Michigan, the Beerline Plaza is home to a new Green  Infrastructure project to help with storm water management and on site flooding. 


N. Holton Street & E. Concordia Avenue


Riverworks Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that drives social and economic development by aligning residents and businesses with specialized resources that strengthen Harambee, Riverwest and surrounding communities. Riverworks envisions a vibrant and diverse community of residents, businesses, and stakeholders who jointly create and maintain a prosperous neighborhood and quality of life. 


N. Booth Street & E. Concordia Avenue


The People's Rink is a seasonal trail destination hosting pick up hockey games and free skate for all. This tradition is made possible by the neighbors of the Beerline Trail. 


N. Richards Street to W. Capitol Drive


La estación is a train depot styled bench that pays homage to the trail's history. This bench is a resting place and the southern entrance marker onto the Beerline Trail adjacent to Café Corazon. 

la escuela gi project.PNG



3255 N Fratney Street

Through funding provided by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and the Fund for Lake Michigan, the nonprofit Reflo and its partners collaborate with five schools annually to develop a conceptual schoolyard redevelopment plan that holistically addresses the issues of the school’s imperviousness. Planning efforts incorporate creative applications of stormwater green infrastructure, outdoor educational elements, and other features that improve the social, environmental, and economic health of the school and community.

Snail's Crossing


3050 N. Bremen Street 

Snail's Crossing is a community park filled with murals, benches and sculptures, created by local artist Marina Lee and neighborhood residents. Snail's crossing is the southern destination of the Beerline Trail in Riverwest. 


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