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The Beerline Trail is a former rail line turned recreactional trail. The historic rail line, transported Wisconsin's own beer, throughout the state. Beercompanies such as Schiltz, Blatz and Pabst all utilized this rail line championed by Byron Kilbourn in the late 1800s. 

By 1990, the Beerline rail line right-of-way was abandoned as industry and transportation in Milwaukee changed. Since 2002, neighborhood residents in tandem with the City of Milwaukee, removed old railroad tracks and created the first phase of the Beerline Trail from North Bremen Street to North Buffum Street. The trail now extends to Capitol Drive. Over the last decade approximately, $3.0 million has been invested in the newest extension of the Beerline Trail from Burleigh Street to Capitol Drive. This investment included land acquisition and trail construction, community improvement projects, planning, engagement and programming, and environmental remediation. It also leveraged real estate development adjacent to the trail. 

Today, the Beerline trail and B-Line Park acts as a community gathering space and catalytic project that combats the divide between the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods, providing space and programming that promotes social cohesion and community building. 


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