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The Beerline Trail is a former rail line turned recreational trail. The historic rail line, transported Wisconsin's own beer, throughout the state. Beer companies such as Schlitz, Blatz and Pabst all utilized this rail line. Today the trail is in another transformational stage as Riverworks Development Corp (RDC) and partners work to expand the new B-Line Park development.  

The Beerline Trail is a catalyst for economic prosperity, workforce development, health and creativity. The trail will be home to a major linear park development. Thanks to community input and design work by famous landscape architect, Hood Design Studios out of Oakland, CA., the park will feature amenities such as a performance stage, grilling areas, exercise and playground space among other things. With organizational and community partners, the Beerline Trail will become a premier destination in the city of Milwaukee.

Mission To sustain and enrich the lives of people in Harambee and Riverwest by promoting health, well-being and prosperity through increased circulation of resources, voices, ideas, labor and creativity. 

Click the links below to review the Equitable Implementation Plan and the Lifeways Plan Design.

Future things to do

The B-Line Park will include amenities such as community greenhouses, a large performance stage, play and workout equipment, cafe and community space, green space, and other first-class amenities. This park will be a world-class cultural destination for all.

190528_BEERLINE_illustrative plan_ADAPATH - no marketplace.jpg

Trail Extensions & Access Improvements: 

Vienna Entry A_edited.jpg

Plan: Develop an east/west access point in the center of the B-Line Park at Vienna Avenue.  

Purpose: Developing this accessway will make the B-Line Park more accessible & 


Plan: Develop design options for all gaps in the Beerline Trail through wayfinding signage and on street bikeways. 

Purpose: Developing wayfinding and addressing gaps in the trail will make is more accessible & safer for the user. 

Extending the trail and connecting it into the larger Milwaukee trail and Bike system will create more interconnectivity and an accessible transportation route. 

Vienna Accessway
& Signage

Design + Build Out of Linear Park: 

Exterior 1_edited.jpg

The Connector Buidling lies at the southern entrance of the Linear Park, E.Keefe Avenue & N. Richards Street. RDC plans to redevelop the building as a community gathering space. 

Installing trail lighting within the linear park is a critical priority to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable using the trail for transportation and recreation. 

0321_South Entry A - no basketball_edited.jpg

Developing a wayfinding strategy for the linear park is a priority to encourage residents to use and navigate the trail with confidence, encouraging activity along the trail and safety for all residents. 

Connector Building
Directional Wayfinding

Trail Programming & Maintenance:  

Beerline Shuffle 3_edited.jpg

Carrying out programming that fosters collaboration with residents, organizations, artists and youth in Harambee and Riverwest will help build community leadership and asset building throughout the neighborhood. 


Ensuring that programming is affordable, accessible and inclusive for all residents in Harambee and Riverwest will promote more opportunity for our vibrant and diverse neighborhood to gather and engage. 


Developing short and long term maintenance plans including funding needs and sustainable funding resources will ensure the future success of the Development. 

Collaborative Programming
Inclusive Programming
Maintenance Plans
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