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The Beerline Trail is a public recreational space that acts as a transportation spine through the north east side of Milwaukee. 


What is the Beerline Trail?

The Beerline Trail is a public park built on a 3-mile-long historic rail line running through the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Beerline Trail is the famous rail line site known for carrying Milwaukee's most known staple: Beer! By 1990, the Beerline rail line right-of-way was abandoned as industry and transportation in Milwaukee changed. Since 2002, neighborhood residents, together with the City of Milwaukee, removed old railroad tracks and created the first phase of the Beerline Trail from Bremen to Buffum. The trail now extends to Capitol Drive. Over the last decade approximately, $3.0 million has been invested in the newest extension of the Beerline Trail from Burleigh to Capitol Dr. This investment included land acquisition and trail construction, community improvement projects, planning, engagement and programming, and environmental remediation. It also leveraged real estate development adjacent to the trail.

What is the B-Line Park?

The B-Line Park is a 1.5 mile linear park development project whose mission is to sustain and enrich the lives of people in Harambee and Riverwest by promoting health, well-being, and prosperity through increased circulation of resources, voices ideas, labor and creativity. The conceptual design was created by Walter Hood of Hood Design Studio in 2017 with resident input. The B-Line Park design includes community greenhouses, a large performance stage, play and workout equipment, a cafe and community space, green space, and other first-class amenities. The B-Line Park development will be a world-class cultural destination for all.

When will the B-Line Park start construction? There is no set date for the B-Line Park development construction; it will be based on when we raise the funds for the site's development.

Who are the Friends of the Beerline Trail?

Friends of the Beerline Trail is a resident-led group that oversees the public programming and art projects for the B-Line Park and the Beerline Trail. 

What was the Beerline Rail used for?

As a freight rail line, the Beerline Railway was in operation from 1934 to 1980. The Rail line carried Beer-related products back and forth throughout the state.  Additionally, the rail line brought in the Circus Parade from the Baraboo Circus World Museum. 

Who owns and oversees the Beerline?

The Beerline trail runs from North Commerce Street to West Capitol Drive. The Beerline Trail is owned by the City of Milwaukee however, the section of the trail that runs from North Bremen Street to West Capitol Drive is under the jurisdiction of the Riverworks Development Corporation. Milwaukee County Parks Department and River Reviatlization oversees the trail south of Locust Street.  

How can you get involved with the Beerline Trail?

Everyone in our community, and all Milwaukeeans, are warmly invited to engage with the Beerline Trail and the future B-Line Park development. To stay informed, subscribe to the Riverworks Development Corp newsletter. We also invite you to learn more about becoming a volunteer or join in the Friends of the Beerline Trail. Most importantly: Consider donating to support the development and maintenance.

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