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The healthier, sustainable urban Beerline Plaza and Performance venue project is connecting communities through Green Infrastructure education and training. Join us in being sustainability leaders by supporting the enhancement of a public space for residents and organizations in Harambee, Riverwest, and the surrounding communities. 

Find out more about the project by clicking our donate button below!

We need your support
Help us fill our financial gap and invest in your community

We are looking for additional funding for:
- Educational Signage - In collaboration with La Escuela Fratney, we are working on a shared educational signage design. Signs will highlight certain green infrastructure and sustainable areas, describe how they benefit the area and share how each of these areas is maintained. Each sigh will feature diagrammatic images and will be displayed in both Spanish and English.
- Community Mural - In collaboration with the community and local artists, we seek additional funds to support the creation of a new pavement mural to be placed on the asphalt in the center of the site. The mural will feature sustainable attributes as well as represent the cultural significance of the surrounding community.
- Maintenance - Riverworks and The City of Milwaukee are looking for additional assistance to help support the continued maintenance of the sites. After the project is implemented, weekly maintenance will be critical to the growth success of the trees and plants. Additionally, to ensure the site remains vibrant, maintenance to pavers, plants and rocks will need to be performed yearly.

Beerline Plaza Site Plan.png

Above is a rendered site plan of the proposed project. The green infrastructure measures that will be in included are pervious pavers, natural and local plantings, stormwater and spruce trees, and bioretention basins. The project will also extend south to the west side of the Riverworks Coin Laundry, creating a spacious and comfortable outdoor space for customers.

Show your support and become apart of this project

- Donor Sign - No matter your financial or in-kind donation, you and/or your company will be featured on our locally made donor sign.
- Donor Recognition - All donors will be honored at our 2021 ribbon-cutting ceremony and will be featured on the new Beerline Plaza informational website as well as the Riverworks Annual Report.
- Participation - All donors will get first pick to participate in various activities. Due to COVID, community participation will be limited to ensure the safety of our participants, therefore, all donors will be offered the opportunity before it opens to the community at large.  The events include:

                - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
                - Community Mural: As seen conceptually in the site plan above, the community mural on the asphalt of the Plaza will be painted with community involvement
               - Green Infrastructure Maintenance Training: Riverworks will be spearheading the training of GI general and yearly maintenance over the summer months. Participants will help us prune, water and learn more about the benefits of Green Instructure. Participants will be asked to be supporters and liaisons in the promotion of green infrastructure and urban gardening/forestry in their communities. 

and help us bring more sustainability to our community

Be part of one of the first Green Infrastructure projects of 53212 and help promote sustainability in our community. If you would like to reach out to the project manager, click here!

Other LOCAL Green Infrastructure projecTS

Our hearts are quite close to this project, but Green Infrastructure on the Beerline doesn't stop here! We have big plans to implement more sustainability projects as the trail navigates north through Harambee. Learn more about the project, our partners and our BIG plans!

Another Green Infrastructure project, located just one block southeast of the Beerline Plaza, and a supporting partner, is La Escuela Fratney. La Escuela Fratney is one of five schools raising funds to support its conceptual schoolyard redevelopment plan in 2021. Learn more about the plan by clicking the button below!

TO our local partners and sponsors
We couldn't have gotten this far without the support of our sponsors and partners. Thank you!

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Riverworks Development Corporation
Riverworks BID #25, Milwaukee's Creative District
Harambee NID #7

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